2016 Goals

http://image.esm-group.ru/mail/kak-opredelit-pol-cherepahi-po-pantsiryu.html как определить пол черепахи по панцирю 2015 has been a pretty action packed year for me & it has come that time where I go over my goals for the year & make new ones in general. In terms of last year’s goals, I reckon I didn’t do too shabbily. I met each goal in varying degrees. I got good grades for my Masters so far, I’ve decluttered a little (I’ve still got quite a bit more to go), I got a new job (am in week 5 & still loving it!) & worked on my side project (still not much progress, but ideas have been penned).

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http://onesquarefoot.in/priority/otchet-rsvza-2017-god-obrazets-zapolneniya.html отчет рсвза 2017 год образец заполнения I find the yearly goals to be quite a thing to strive for & I generally try to make it achievable & measurable. There’s so many things to do & I’m quite keen to get started! After a bit of thinking & soul searching over the past few weeks, I’ve come up with a few goals for 2016 that I’m hoping will be pretty good.

поезд 49 екатеринбург москва расписание 1.Get fit

кто не умеет говорить карьеры не сделает I’m not getting any younger & in the past 2 years or so, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting pretty nonchalant about what I put into my gob & I have stacked on the kilos. I’m not too bothered about appearances, but I do know that my insides are probably not the best that they could be. My goal for the new year is to learn good eating habits & incorporate incidental and purposeful exercise into my daily routines. I want to live long enough to see my kids & grandkids grow up.

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http://kma-hu.com/priority/gde-virezat-avtomobilnoe-zerkalo.html где вырезать автомобильное зеркало 2. Learn to invest

http://globalprimetrader.com/library/kafe-miks-v-nyachange-na-karte.html кафе микс в нячанге на карте Since my brother has been investing in the stock market, I’ve been pretty keen on learning how as part of another income strategy. Relying on a single income during my casual days at work with a mortgage, was scary & not something I’m keen to repeat again. I’m keen to learn how to invest in the stock market, as well as developing my side project into a business so that I’m kept occupied, as well as have a bit more income on the side. I’m also keen to learn how to best manage my superannuation as I was monitoring it during my 1.5 years as a casual & all the contributions were being eaten up by fees & taxes. In the end, my fund wasn’t even growing, which bugged me. Now with my new job, I’ve opened a new fund & will rollover my super into the new one when I get paperwork through. At least with a higher income rate, I’d be able to accumulate more super to be able to cater for my retirement.

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http://coinsada.es/priority/press-gidravlicheskiy-p474a-tehnicheskie-harakteristiki.html пресс гидравлический п474а технические характеристики 3. See more friends

мсха списки поступающих Now that I’ve got my car, I’m making it a priority to meet up with friends so that I can keep my friendships alive. Not having a car really isolated me & I wasn’t too happy about it all. Am looking forward to catching up with friends but also some me time during the year. Maintaining friendships is something that I’ve let slip in the past, but now with the financial freedom as well as being able to get places, I’m looking forward to it all.

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http://at-expert.ru/library/drugie-svoystva-peska-glini-granita-izvestnyaka.html другие свойства песка глины гранита известняка 4. Learn another language

http://athle-caluire.net/library/test-drayv-video-mersedesa-e200.html тест драйв видео мерседеса е200 Matt has gotten into learning German & is keen for someone to learn with him & I need something to occupy my brain with at times, so I’ve decided to learn German with the Duolingo app. Plus also brush up on my conversational Mandarin skills & possibly Italian or French. Matt says I’ve got a knack for language & I figured, why not try it out. Worst that could happen is I can speak broken European languages 😛

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I think 4 main goals is a pretty good start. Helping people plan as my day job, this part is what I do for a living. I’m pretty keen to get the ball rolling & see how I manage throughout the year!

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http://websitesinqatar.com/priority/skolkimi-sposobami-mogut-bit-rasstavleni-5-uchastnits.html сколькими способами могут быть расставлены 5 участниц Another side goal or whatever you want to call it, is to be able to go on a holiday this year. I haven’t had a proper holiday in years & am looking forward to paid time off, with 17.5% loading! 😀

New Job!

It’s now the middle of week 2 in my new job. To say the least, I’m loving it! Also am loving Bella Bubbles, my new car. I got her on the 2nd day of work & am still on my first tank of fuel. A Hybrid is probably the best thing I’ve bought!


Just got a loan desktop for work today & got my iPhone last Friday. So far have only really settled in today as I’m busy getting phone calls sorted & appointments made. Slowly cutting my teeth into it all & finding my feet. There’s lots of processes & refinement in the process, but am slowly making sense of it all. Irony in it all was I got offered another position yesterday with another branch, which happens to be my former colleague/current colleague’s former position. Haha love it!


Not much to report apart from the fact that I’m slowly getting used to my new job & winding down for Christmas. Really looking forward to the paid holidays & the extra 2 days of public holidays throughout the year. And 17.5% leave loading. Yay!

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