Supermarket Finds – De Gas, Halo 4 V Energy Drink & Dummy Video Camera автомагнитола pioneer инструкция по эксплуатации As part of my job I visit people in all sorts of work places, which includes supermarkets. Oh boy do they stock the strangest things on their shelves sometimes! I’ve decided they deserve a category of their own on my blog, hence Supermarket Finds.

история болезни жкб On my trip to Woolies yesterday, these are the items I found.

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Probably the most amusing one so far, De Gas. Though I’m not sure if you’d take it just before getting gas or at the beginning of the day as a preventative measure. Either way, I hope it works! как плести косичку из 4 прядей фото  

основные характеристики производства our last night skyfall аккорды 20121006-115808.jpg
For all the Halo 4 fans out there, you can now stay awake with V while playing Halo! Clever marketing scheme on their part  

стихи ларисы рубальской о любви к мужчине  

Now this is an interesting one. My parents actually obtained a dummy alarm box to put outside their place in Malaysia. I suppose it might be handy in Malaysia?



Well there you have it for this installment of Supermarket Finds. I’m sure this will continue to expand as I keep visiting supermarkets, no doubt I’m tickled pink each time I go there. Happy weekend!

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