Friday Matters 1st May 2015 инструкция бэп 2 I’ve decided to come up with hopefully a weekly series of Friday musings. It’s the day of the week I generally look forward to the most, given that I usually head over to Matt’s for the weekend & not have to worry about work for at least 2 whole days.

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свинг с друзьями This Friday is slightly different as I’m at mine for the weekend due to an assignment which is due at midnight which I haven’t quite done much for. It’s a bad habit I have, leaving assignments till the last minute, but I find that I work the best under pressure. There’s a difference between pressure & tiredness & unfortunate these 2 nearly always intersect when I’m writing the assignment. No matter, I’ve got a plan to finish my assignment tonight as I’ve done a few bits & pieces. Also helps that the unit is a first year unit which is modified slightly for postgraduates. For that, I’m grateful.

хрустит тазобедренный сустав что делать как подсоединить реле зарядки The other night I tried my hand at some overnight curls for the 2nd time & it didn’t end very well. As my hair is very long & slightly dry, the curls stuck too much & I couldn’t separate them for then to look presentable. Instead, I looked like someone who had a bad day with an electric socket. I’ll spare you that picture, but he’s what I did to get those stubborn curls.

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как правильно шпаклевать неровные стены оценка динамики структуры баланса When I woke up, I found all my bobby pins stored on my bedside table which was so weird. I must’ve taken it off in the middle of the night without realising it. Heh. Lesson learned from this experiment, don’t twist but curl & don’t put it all in a high pony tail to sleep. как сделать акт в гранд смете Also an update on my flu shot arm, it’s gotten better & I’m only left with a slight discoloured ring on my arm & it’s not sore any more. Not bad I say.

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последние оперативные новости Needing to get through work today & that assignment before the weekend here it’s Borderlands time! Also time to work on the next assignment which is due next Friday. I’m betting I’ll leave it all till the last minute again 😂

как очистить историю звонковв айфоне Anything exciting happen during the week? Let me know in the comment s

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