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Finally Employed!

As the title will suggest, I’m finally gainfully employed! I managed to score an informal chat with a potential employer on yesterday and next thing I know, I’m being asked to fill in paperwork & induction forms for a Monday start. I am truly thankful for the job as I’ve been sitting at home, doing nothing for most of the time for the longest time and it has really started to take its toll on me. The job is not the best of things, but it definitely is a step in the right direction and the pay is not too bad. There are worse things that could happen I’m sure.


At the moment, I’ve got a bit of first day nerves and just want to go in and have a squizz at what I will be doing. From what I understand, it is a bit of data entry along with matching documents and ensuring compliance to the client’s documents and verifying things. It is rather vague but an opportunity is an opportunity. It is a step into the records management field, which is pretty awesome looking on my resume. Only downside is that it is casual work till end of September, maybe till the end of the year before being rotated if there are projects available. Am looking forward to finishing my Grad Dip & then fully throwing myself into library work when it is all done.


On the bright side of all this, is the opportunity to get some #ootd shots & to try on new looks! I will be working in the city which is rather dangerous when it comes to shopping. I’ve been really good for the past year or so, I think I deserve to splurge a little every now & then. Plus being Asian, I’ve already written up a list of things I will reward myself with, plus a budget to stick to. Can’t say I’m not prepared! 🙂

New Project

I just had an interview for a part time position at my local library yesterday. I’m going to tentatively say that it went well, I don’t want to jinx the whole thing. After the interview, I ended up at the local regional museum, just so I could get out for a bit. I love museums to bits! Was really interesting to learn about the local history in my area and how the area came to be what it is today. I also ended up buying a cow shopping bag from the museum, just to add to my ever growing collection of cows 🙂


Anyway, after a bit of thought with the whole unemployment thing and the way the state and federal budget is going, I set myself a goal for a Super Secret Kristine Project to keep myself busy while looking for more work plus who knows, this might evolve into something and take on a life of its own. I’m hoping anyway.


Not giving out any details, but starting to project has gotten me motivated to blog more & to throw myself into this new goal. As an Occupational Therapist by trade, having no occupation at the moment is really throwing me off kilter. When I went to the optometrist the other day to get my eyes tested, the optometrist asked what I do for a living & it was a bit awkward to explain my situation. I didn’t want to say unemployed, so I used my fallback strategy of what I used to do & now I’m looking for other work. Beating around the bush isn’t exactly my thing, so it threw me a bit. This kind of is how the idea of the project started. I’ve had ideas in my head for a while, but no real push or drive to get things done. No time better than now, right?


Anyway, I thought I’d write that down somewhere so that I can look back & see the exact day I decided to take my future into my own hands & do something about it. Wish me luck!