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Epic Opportunity Frigging Yeah

For those playing at home, that phrase comes form a local tv ad advertising the End of Financial Year sale for some cars. It is that time of year again & it has been a bit of a kick start to some new habits & a project. I used to be really good at keeping track of my expenses, but have dropped off as money wasn’t such a giant issue as time went on.


So I took the opportunity to kick start my expense tracking again. I’m using this app on my phone called Xpensy, which is really nifty & shows how much I spend in each category. Really helps me identify where I’m bleeding money the most or spending unnecessarily. Always good to know as I always seem to think I have more money that I actually have. Heh.


Also, have begun my new project, slowly setting things up and getting ideas onto paper and into motion. It’s rather exciting as I’m hoping that this project will be an outlet for my creative side that I’ve always felt has been rather under utilised. It’s all under wraps at the moment for good reason, I’m wanting to give it the best chance to succeed when I finally reveal it. But I am very, very excited about it to say the least.


So far, it’s been nearly 2 months that I’ve been in my not so new job now. As each day goes past, we keep finding more and more documents to be digitised or hardcopy archived, I’m still amazed at the amount of documents generated in the 7 years. The aim is to get everything cleared by end of August or early September but we will be doing it till we finish everything so when the actual finish date is anybody’s guess. My colleague’s initial contract at another project was 3 months, but it took her 1 year and 2 months to finish. I must say, now that I’ve slowly adjusted to my colleagues and settled in, the human interaction side of things are improving considerably. Actually talking to my colleagues is helping the time go past at work so much quicker, which is awesome. The amount of work I’m doing each day is also relatively high, so things will get done eventually, I’d say it’d be around the September mark. I’m actually looking forward to finishing up to be honest & move on to other things.