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Project Vegetarianism Day 4, 5 & 6

I must say, this has been a bit of a slight fail. I was going really well on day 5 of the challenge until I accidentally ate a piece of salami yesterday. It actually took me about an hour to realise what I had done.


I  had a 4pm appointment with a client of mine who always forgets, and I expected him to forget to turn up again. So, I agreed to come around to drinks after work which started at 4pm. Next thing I know, I got a phone call from reception saying that my client has actually turned up. So I went to tell the person who was organising the food about it, and let them know I’ll be at drinks about 5pm after my appointment. She was dishing up some salami and crackers. I was hungry and grabbed the salami while talking to her and ate the bloody thing. I hadn’t even realised till after when I stared at the cheese plate after my appointment and was contemplating what to eat. Lo and behold, I had consumed meat. Bah.


So, as part of the challenge I now have to start blogging for 7 days straight or else Matt will hijack my Twitter account for 7 days. I initially was planning to stick out the rest of my challenge till Sunday, but writing this post has made me really crave some form of meat again. Call me cruel or ignorant, but I will still continue eating meat like I did before. I guess the thing I will be changing is to actually add more veggies to my diet and possibly go vegetarian once a week just in support of Matt. I think my digestive system will revolt at meat being introduced to it once again after 5 days, but I think that’s a price I’m willing to pay.


So, what other challenges would you like to see me or Matt do? Leave a comment!

Project Vegetarianism: Day 1, 2 & 3

Since Matt became a vegetarian this year, I’ve decided to go on a 7 day challenge just to see what its like. I did try it for a week a few years ago, but failed at day 6 when I ate a bit of sashimi for dinner. Thought I’d give it a go again this time round just to see what its like again. Mind you, I’m the sort of person who craves meat & has actually eaten a whole roast chicken on its own in one sitting just cause I was hungry. I’m not sure how I’ll fare but its worth a try. This time there’s a bet going on with whether I can do this or not. If I manage to go 7 days (12am Monday – 12am Monday) without meat, I get to pick a place & Matt will have to take me there. And if I fail this, I was given the choice of having to blog every day for a week or no Xbox for a month. Needless to say that I’m going with blogging every day 😛 And should I fail that too, I have to give up my Twitter account to Matt for a week & he gets to hijack. Needless to say, its a pretty big incentive for me to ace this challenge 🙂


Day 1 was pretty easy to see the least, I had slept in and was only starting work at 11.45am yesterday so I had some instant noodles with egg in there for brunch. Didn’t feel too bad as I’m used to eating that for meals or snacks. Later that night, Matt & I traipsed to the local curry place. Usually I have either the curry chicken or butter chicken with rice. But seeeing as I had just started the 7 day challenge, I had garlic naan with some lentil curry. I must admit, I am a bit of a fan of that curry. I first ate something like that when we were in Melbourne in November so I was quite used to it. Though, the next day my digestive system rioted as the curry had butter & cream in it. I’ve recently developed a intolerance to lactose, though I can take small amounts of it at, so it isn’t that big a deal.


Day 2 was slightly harder as I had to carefully ponder my options of food for the day. I had cous cous for lunch and dinner was at the local Japanese place where I had edamame beans, agedashi tofu & seaweed udon. I was full from the food, but there was a certain satisfaction to it that was missing.


Day 3. Now this has got to be a bit of an epic day. I bought one of those San Remo pasta snack for 1 things (Mac & Cheese is still vegetarian, I checked) and decided to have that for breakfast at work. I didn’t exactly follow instructions as I was at work & really couldn’t be bothered measuring out liquid. Bad bad idea. I managed to burn that in the microwave. Heh. Last time I’ll do that again. I ended up having brunch while at a team meeting – scrambled eggs on toast with some baked beans. Yummy & filling but naturally my stomach is rioting again. I forgot scrambled eggs have dairy in them *facepalm* I’m actually beginning to question how lactose intolerant I am. If I can’t have dairy, my options are pretty limited for food & will have to become part vegan for the next few days till this challenge finishes!


All in all, I must say not eating meat isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’ve almost reached the halfway point and I must say that I can live with being vegetarian a few days a week. It’s the thought of never having meat again that scares me. My body craves meat every so often & I can’t say no to it. Guess its all about balance, hey? 🙂

New Years Resolutions 2013

Happy New Year!! I guess this post is a little late, but as the saying goes, better late than never rings pretty true here.


I must admit, I did abandon this blog for a little bit and have been missing it. But hauling out my ancient laptop & waiting for it to boot up is a little painful. Nevertheless, I’m back here & documenting my New Years Resolution so that I can actually look back at it, rather than try to revive it from my memory at the end of the year.


Looking back on 2012, I feel that I’ve learnt many lessons and I have many more to learn. The past is a great learning tool if anything 🙂


  • Turn off my work phone when not at work

One of the big issues for me with work is I tend not to switch off from work mode. I tend to leave my work phone on & actually answer it on weekends or at night time even if its just a text message or an e-mail that could’ve waited for when I’m back at work. I must remember that I cannot always run at everyone’s beck & call and not look after myself. Turning off my phone each night & on the weekends will be a good start to this.


  • Save more money

I must admit, I am a pretty good saver (if I do say so myself!) as it is. Looking back on last year, I managed to buy a house & keep up with my mortgage. Plus overpay it a little, which is a pretty good as achievement in my books. Though I hate to admit this, I could’ve probably saved a bit more. I’ve written out a rough budget for this year to really work in saving every penny. If you know me in real life, I am a bit of a tight arse sometimes but I guess it pays off every now and again 🙂 But in all honesty, I’m working to save extra hard this year as I’m moving to Melbourne with my boyfriend in about 12 months time. Yes, you heard right, I am leaving Perth. That’s another blog post in itself 🙂


  • Pay off mortgage sooner

Pretty much based on the last point, I do also intend to overpay my mortgage so that I can pay it off sooner. I’m the kind of person who absolutely hates to have any debt & with a mortgage (the biggest type of debt one can possibly have) to pay off, I’m counting every last penny to put away for this. Now if only my bank came out with an app or something that tells me how much left I’ve got on my mortgage, I’d love them forever. I’m a big fan of countdown type apps or things left, gives me a goal to work towards 🙂


  • Blog more and take more photos

This is probably the hardest of my resolutions so far. Its been rather easy dealing with Twitter & Instagram on a daily basis than lugging out a laptop to blog. I guess I don’t have much of an excuse as I have a Samsung Note 2 which has the WP app. I guess this for me is more to express stuff in more detail & in more than 140 characters plus build on my creativity. I have been feeling rather meh lately & not having a creative outlet has also been pretty draining. Sometimes it is rather nice to just type away on the computer and just blab out to the internet. I guess I also have been holding back on blogging as I am quite a private person and having my feelings typed out on the interwebs scares me that people might think I’m crazy or are quick to judge what I’m doing against their own sense or morality or right and wrong. I have issues with that. Anyway, I’ve made up my mind that there will be some private posts on there, plus password protected ones so please don’t be offended if I don’t offer you the password to read them as it gives me that peace of mind to be able to have a voice sometimes.


  • Be more social

I am a very homebody kind of person, I’d much rather be sitting at home and cleaning or just watching tv than go out & party every weekend. 2011 was my party year (or year of rebellion as I like to call it) and I can honestly say, I’ve tried the going out clubbing & drinking thing and I don’t like it. I do enjoy a drink every now & again, but I must admit that being hungover for a good part of 2011 was not one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Hey, it had to happen right? I was never a rebellious teenager & have led a mostly sheltered life. I thought that at 25, it was good to say I had my year of partying like a teenager. Maybe I’ve just got arrested development LOL. In all honesty, I’ve had ups & downs last year and I have lost touch with a few friends here and there. I am wanting to make an effort in reconnecting with some friends and maintaining a small bunch of close friends rather than a large bunch of acquaintances. Its those people that you know are your true friends.


Its not a very long list of resolutions, but I’ve always been a believer of starting with small goals or baby steps and then building your way up before trying to tackle life’s rocks. If I can achieve even a small part of these resolutions, I think that’s a step in the right direction. I look at it as, I’ve improved on things from the day before. Even a small improvement is an improvement.


So, what are your resolutions for 2013? Leave me a comment below 🙂