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Since Matt became a vegetarian this year, I’ve decided to go on a 7 day challenge just to see what its like. I did try it for a week a few years ago, but failed at day 6 when I ate a bit of sashimi for dinner. Thought I’d give it a go again this time round just to see what its like again. Mind you, I’m the sort of person who craves meat & has actually eaten a whole roast chicken on its own in one sitting just cause I was hungry. I’m not sure how I’ll fare but its worth a try. This time there’s a bet going on with whether I can do this or not. If I manage to go 7 days (12am Monday – 12am Monday) without meat, I get to pick a place & Matt will have to take me there. And if I fail this, I was given the choice of having to blog every day for a week or no Xbox for a month. Needless to say that I’m going with blogging every day 😛 And should I fail that too, I have to give up my Twitter account to Matt for a week & he gets to hijack. Needless to say, its a pretty big incentive for me to ace this challenge 🙂


Day 1 was pretty easy to see the least, I had slept in and was only starting work at 11.45am yesterday so I had some instant noodles with egg in there for brunch. Didn’t feel too bad as I’m used to eating that for meals or snacks. Later that night, Matt & I traipsed to the local curry place. Usually I have either the curry chicken or butter chicken with rice. But seeeing as I had just started the 7 day challenge, I had garlic naan with some lentil curry. I must admit, I am a bit of a fan of that curry. I first ate something like that when we were in Melbourne in November so I was quite used to it. Though, the next day my digestive system rioted as the curry had butter & cream in it. I’ve recently developed a intolerance to lactose, though I can take small amounts of it at, so it isn’t that big a deal.


Day 2 was slightly harder as I had to carefully ponder my options of food for the day. I had cous cous for lunch and dinner was at the local Japanese place where I had edamame beans, agedashi tofu & seaweed udon. I was full from the food, but there was a certain satisfaction to it that was missing.


Day 3. Now this has got to be a bit of an epic day. I bought one of those San Remo pasta snack for 1 things (Mac & Cheese is still vegetarian, I checked) and decided to have that for breakfast at work. I didn’t exactly follow instructions as I was at work & really couldn’t be bothered measuring out liquid. Bad bad idea. I managed to burn that in the microwave. Heh. Last time I’ll do that again. I ended up having brunch while at a team meeting – scrambled eggs on toast with some baked beans. Yummy & filling but naturally my stomach is rioting again. I forgot scrambled eggs have dairy in them *facepalm* I’m actually beginning to question how lactose intolerant I am. If I can’t have dairy, my options are pretty limited for food & will have to become part vegan for the next few days till this challenge finishes!


All in all, I must say not eating meat isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’ve almost reached the halfway point and I must say that I can live with being vegetarian a few days a week. It’s the thought of never having meat again that scares me. My body craves meat every so often & I can’t say no to it. Guess its all about balance, hey? 🙂