Update September 2015

It has been quite a while since my last update & there’s pretty good reasons for it. As some of you might know, I’ve been working full time, doing uni part time & been busy applying for jobs lately. It’s been quite a full on couple of months & I’ve been struggling to get into the rhythm of things. I was taking 2 units at uni, which equated to approximately 24 hours of studying & assignments each week. I never got close to even that, I’d say I average about 3 to 5 hours each week at most.

There was an assignment that was due on Friday at 11.59pm & I’ve learned that I can only do assignments if I sit down & do them all in one shot. It’s how I’ve always learned & no matter how hard I tried to space things out more, it’s never worked for me any other way. So I started doing my assignment & hit a mental wall just before the deadline & cracked it. It was one of those hurdles that I wasn’t going to be able to jump through this time.

Matt had been cajoling me & encouraging me every step of the way but no matter what, I just could not make myself go on past that point. And I’m glad he knows me well enough to know when I’ve had enough. It came to the point where he was going to walk me through my assignment each step, and that was when I just broke down, unable to tell him what I needed to do & just blubbered some gibberish while crying.

We then talked it through & he told me something that I thought was very profound: that I need some down time & I don’t need to be on the go all the time. I think that hit the proverbial nail on its head. I’ve been working FT since May last year without a decent holiday from work, all the while studying as well. I’ve been trying to finish up my Masters ASAP, all without taking time to breathe & just chill. I admit, I run on deadlines & stress but I think my head just gave up after this stint.

I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I’ve decided to withdraw from that unit & continue with one unit a semester. If I can’t live with time to enjoy life, I don’t see the point. The thing that really cemented this decision is when work rejected my application for the vacation program, which essentially means that I’m in no rush to finish studying or do I intend to apply for their graduate program. It’s been a convoluted blessing in disguise as I’m in a pool for a job that I know is hard but also rewarding at the same time, and back in my initial field of OT & disability. I’m also in the process of finding out if I’m in 2 other pools for another job within the same sector. All 3 of which pays incredibly well.

I’m thinking of having a break next semester from uni to really recharge my batteries & to extend my Masters by a year. At this point, I’m only doing it just so I’ve got an extra qualification. I’m not 100% about working within the industry, which I’m ok with. My ultimate dream job has nothing to do with anything I’m studying or have studied, so I’m just happy enough with whatever comes along for now.

I’m quite relieved at the turn of events & the decision I’ve made this weekend. It’s also come at a good time as Matt was there to support me in what I decided & knew me well enough to help my decision along & to have my best interest at heart. On a lighter note, I feel that one unit at uni is now doable & I’ve only got another 7 weeks till I’ve got a long break again & I’m looking forward to the Royal Show next weekend!

Uni Work Woes

It’s now week 3 for uni & to be quite honest, it’s been rather hectic & difficult to cope. My mojo for studying has left & I’m finding it hard to keep playing catch up in everything. Going to stick it out & push myself further though as I just want to be done with uni & then I can focus on my career & other stuff.

Work hasn’t been particularly motivating but I’ve applied for the vacation program at work, am hoping for something to come out of it. Also am aiming to apply for 2 other pools with the agency I’m already in another pool for. Can’t hurt to get all my cards in various different baskets. Hoping this year will end on a high note & I’ll be able to get a few things ticked off.

Am stuck in a rut & not liking it at all. Hoping to pull myself out of it & hit some goals out of the ball park.

Semester 2 2015

It’s the final week of the semester break before uni starts up again for the semester on Monday. I’m looking forward to finishing up this semester as that would mean that I’ve only got the research units left next year.


I’m setting myself the goal to get good grades again for this semester – at least 2 credits or higher. I’m not aiming to be the top student or anything, but I guess to make my learning time semi enjoyable & worth the time, money & effort. The 2 units I’ve got this semester aren’t my favourite & the assessment format & lecturers are probably the worst combo I’ve got. I’m hoping to get out of this relatively unscathed & still sane.


Another piece of news is that I’ve been accepted into the job pool that I’ve applied for twice but failed the one time. This time I’ve been accepted & hopefully should get an offer soon. Am hoping it’s sooner rather than later as I’ve just about had it with my job & the current pay I’m on. I’ve been told by my colleagues & boss to apply for the Summer Vac Program, which I will, just so that I’ve got back up plans. Problem is, if I’m accepted into it, I’ve got 12 weeks of work, possibly an offer for the Grad program which starts in 2017 but no guarantee anything might happen & I might lose my current job. I’ve got many second thoughts about it, but worth applying than not knowing what could have happened.


I’m making the most of my last few days before uni by watching as much TV as I can get my hands on & watching lots of cooking programs. What can I say, I am food obsessed!

Finishing Semester 1 2015

I handed in my last assignment of the semester last Friday. To say that I hit the submit button with relief, is an understatement. I was so glad that my first semester was over for the year. I just have to rinse & repeat in August.

I’ve got a few things planned over the semester break, one of which includes a bit of a spring cleaning of my room. I’m a bit over living from the floordrobe & want to fully utilise my wardrobe since I practically live from my room & every inch of space is very much valued. I’ve also got some blog posts planned, some other study to do (you didn’t think I’d while my time away, did you?) & some reading time.

Also, some focussed job applications to complete. I’m making it my goal for the rest of the year to get a full time permanent job & am sending this out to the universe. Please & thank you.

I’ll be glad when I finish up my Masters & hopefully not do my phd unless I decide that I’m really bored & want to switch things up again. 2.5 years of study this time round has really eaten me up. I want to just be able to do other things, not just be tied down by study deadlines.

Best be on my merry way back to work now! I’ve got a bit of brain drain happening at the moment staring at spreadsheets & doing mindless tasks. But it pays the bills.

Sunday Afternoon Musings

It has been quite the weird week this week & I’m glad it is almost over. The Sunday is half gone so far & this is my view for the next few hours:

2015-05-03 13.16.52

I’ve got an assignment due on Friday & I’m not looking forward to it at all. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for me with things to go to, assignments to submit & potential jobs to apply for. I really need something like 35 hours a day to be able to do all the things I need to do.


I’ve got another stye starting to grow on my right lower eyelid, this will be the 2nd one this year & I cannot afford to call in sick for work any more with the whole casual situation. For long term followers, you will know that this was supposed to be a temp job, but has become a rolling contract which isn’t great due to the money situation. I’ve been applying for jobs since around the September mark & it’s really taking a toll as I keep getting rejection after rejection, plus not getting anywhere with it. Really needing to get past the next few weeks before taking time to apply for things more consistently as I need an out from my current situation. You would think having 2 degrees & working on a 3rd one, I’d be able to get something decent paying, but that’s hardly the case at all. I’ll have to compile the stats of jobs I’ve applied for in another post & have a look back to see how it all went.


Just need to keep breathing & keep calm for the next few weeks before I can have a bit of a rest before hitting the job application circuit again. If only I could strike the lotto, I’ll be able to do all the stuff I want to if I had the money. Enough ranting for the day, I just needed to have a bit of a breather before concentrating again. Have a good weekend!

Friday Matters 1st May 2015

I’ve decided to come up with hopefully a weekly series of Friday musings. It’s the day of the week I generally look forward to the most, given that I usually head over to Matt’s for the weekend & not have to worry about work for at least 2 whole days.

This Friday is slightly different as I’m at mine for the weekend due to an assignment which is due at midnight which I haven’t quite done much for. It’s a bad habit I have, leaving assignments till the last minute, but I find that I work the best under pressure. There’s a difference between pressure & tiredness & unfortunate these 2 nearly always intersect when I’m writing the assignment. No matter, I’ve got a plan to finish my assignment tonight as I’ve done a few bits & pieces. Also helps that the unit is a first year unit which is modified slightly for postgraduates. For that, I’m grateful.

The other night I tried my hand at some overnight curls for the 2nd time & it didn’t end very well. As my hair is very long & slightly dry, the curls stuck too much & I couldn’t separate them for then to look presentable. Instead, I looked like someone who had a bad day with an electric socket. I’ll spare you that picture, but he’s what I did to get those stubborn curls.



When I woke up, I found all my bobby pins stored on my bedside table which was so weird. I must’ve taken it off in the middle of the night without realising it. Heh. Lesson learned from this experiment, don’t twist but curl & don’t put it all in a high pony tail to sleep.

Also an update on my flu shot arm, it’s gotten better & I’m only left with a slight discoloured ring on my arm & it’s not sore any more. Not bad I say.

Needing to get through work today & that assignment before the weekend here it’s Borderlands time! Also time to work on the next assignment which is due next Friday. I’m betting I’ll leave it all till the last minute again 😂

Anything exciting happen during the week? Let me know in the comment s


It’s now week 3 of uni & I’ve fell into a bit a heap, study wise. I had a site visit yesterday which I had to take time off from work for, which in the end, I didn’t learn much from due to a few reasons. I was with a bunch of noisy first years & I’m a learner who prefers to do their own thing at their own pace. To have so many people around me who knew each other, was a little intimidating to be honest. I can talk to CEOs & Directors but I can’t cope with 40 other students. Go figure.

I also spent a lot of my first year as an OT supporting someone who worked at the site & it brought back so many memories, both good & bad. It reminded me so much of how my old career intersects with my new. It’s strange. It also didn’t help that the bulk of the group were first year students, so the content of the site visit was very much aimed that way. I had to sit through explanations of stuff I do on a daily basis, no offence but I just wasn’t patient enough to do that yesterday, given that I had just sacrificed some work time for it. It just wasn’t enough bang for my buck. Literally.

I did pick up some things which I guess helped a bit but it’s mostly what I do on a daily basis in my job anyway. Just in a government department instead of the private sector. And on a much smaller scale. The thing that I took from the whole session is that they are hiring & for us to apply.

I know I sound pessimistic at the moment but I’m so unmotivated & am exhausted from it all. I work hard for things but don’t see results, which I guess deters me & unmotivates me in a way. I hate being on this head space & in a rut. I’m waiting on news to see if my interview 2 weeks ago went any good, I really need to be earning decent money again. And I need to be doing what I want to do. In which career, it doesn’t matter so much to me anymore, as long as I am able to have a balance in life.

Need to get it all out of me today to try to purge myself of all the negativity & reinvigorate my brain. It’s just been one of those days.

The Story of How We Missed Our Graduation

This is perhaps one of the more epic stories up here on the blog in more recent years. Matt and I were due to graduate on Tuesday 24th February 2015 – him for his Masters & me for my Grad Dip. I had gone down to Rockingham by train so that I could drive us up to Curtin to have our 10 seconds of fame for all the hard work we’ve put in. On the way down, there was impending chaos as there was a bushfire along the Kwinana near Anketell Road, causing the authorities to shutdown the Freeway from Armadale of Rowley Road to Mortimer Road, a pretty decent stretch & one of the main arteries in and out from the South metro area. On the train, I noticed a lot of people gasping & plenty of camera sounds. I looked up and no joke, I saw trees burning right by the side of the Freeway, with flames higher than the tree tops. The roads looked like a ghost town & by that stage, the fire had already jumped the Freeway to burn on the other side.


Our graduation ceremony started at 7pm and we were to be seated by 6.30pm for a video briefing. We left Rockingham at about 4pm, thinking we’d give it plenty of time for us to get through the traffic, given that the Freeway was closed where we needed to get on. Lo and behold, we had started driving & soon it became apparent that things were not looking good. We tried to get on to Stock Road, but traffic was really bad so we attempted to get on the Freeway on Thomas Road, given that either way we’d still be stuck. Got to Thomas Road and at the on ramp to the Freeway, there was a cop redirecting traffic as the Freeway was still closed. We got back on to Stock Road to try to give ourselves a fighting chance to get to our graduation. By the time 6pm came around, we hadn’t even reached Spearwood (20km from our initial starting point) & we had to call it quits as we were only halfway there. Both sides of the road were jam packed as far as the eye could see, we weren’t going to get out of there any time soon.


Turned around at that point & got to Phoenix to try to get some grub but all the back road were also congested & stopping to get food didn’t seem like such a good option as all the carparks were full. So back around to Rockingham we turned & we got to the local Maccas by 8.15pm. I needed to stretch my legs as they were cramped and my butt hurt from the 4 hour long drive. By the time we got back, my dad had messaged & said that the fireworks had come on after the graduation ceremony.

I must say I wasn’t too bothered about it all as it is my second degree and a Grad Dip. We’ve organised it so that we can go to the winter graduation ceremony mid-year. That’s probably a better option, given that the regalia is so thick & heavy, it’d be better suited to colder weather conditions teehee 🙂

What’s your graduation story?

December 2014

So it’s been just over 3 months since I’ve blogged. Since I last posted, I have hopefully finished the last of my units for my Grad Dip in Information and Library Studies, passed my probation at work & settled into my new role at work. I’ve been at my new work for about 2 months now & been settling in rather well. The only problem I have with the whole work situation is that I’m still a casual & if I can’t work for whatever reason, I’m screwed. That is in fact a very scary situation to be in, considering that I’ve got a mortgage over my head. I’m taking one day at a time & slowly looking for work as it comes along, building relationships along the way & networking. I’ve also got accepted to do my Masters in Information Management, I’ve decided to do this within 2 years rather than a year and a half.


It’s been a pretty eventful year & I’ve had many opportunities to reflect on where my life is headed. I’m hoping to start a few side projects which will help me get through the working day & keep my brain active doing what I love to do. I can’t quite say what it is yet, but all in due time. I’m also wanting to get back into reading more & blogging more about stuff. I’ve always struggled with keeping my private life off the internet & have been fiercely protective about what I put out there on the big internets. Hazard of the job I guess, knowing how much data is put into cyberspace daily is frightening, especially when it can be used against you. But, I’ve decided sharing & documenting bits of my life without giving away identifying information is as much as I want to do. I’ve got a few interesting blog posts lined up, so am really looking forward to getting into it.


I guess the reason why I’ve been absent from blogging is that after a long day’s work staring at the computer all day, the last thing I want to do is stare at the computer all night again. Staring at the computer screen for 7.5 hours a day while doing mundane tasks is really not my thing. I’ve been craving human interaction at work & not quite getting that much. Which is why I’ve also decided to turn to blogging again as a way to get my thoughts out in more than 140 characters. There is only so much I can put on Twitter, which I will still be on. I’ve always been one for writing & I’ve missed it. A lot more than I’ve actually realised.


At some point later this month, I will be reflecting more on the year gone by & looking to set some goals for next year & review what I’ve accomplished this year. It’ll be exciting and bittersweet to leave behind 2014, but I am looking forward to 2015 & for better beginnings! I’ve always been one to wait for the perfect time to do things but I am slowly beginning to live by the motto carpe diem, seize the day. There is only so much time I’ve got on this earth & waiting for the perfect time to do things is just not something I can afford to do anymore. Here’s to seizing the day!

Career Change

Some of you might know that I’m a qualified Occupational Therapist (OT) but have never worked in a hospital or traditional OT role since I graduated 5 years ago. I fell into my previous job with a Disability Employment Service as I did my prac there and loved the job so much, that I never left. It wasn’t your traditional OT role, but I did enjoy the OT aspects of the role which included researching new equipment for clients and assisting them with obtaining funding for it. By the time I left, my traditional rehab type OT skills were non-existent, shall we say.


In my final year at work, I took the plunge and seriously explored library work as an alternative career. Why? Cause Matt made it look so enticing and to be honest, I’m a book nerd. Hey, I was always told off for reading at the table and actually tried to run my own library at home. Surely that was a sign? Anyway, it took me about 6 months to run the idea through before actually taking the plunge to start a Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies. I’m in my second semester (just over halfway through!) and I’m loving it. Ok, maybe I’m not loving all the assignment and essay parts of it all, but I’m enjoying that I’m being stimulated intellectually (oh, the irony!) and have goals to work towards.


I suppose it is quite tough moving from one career to another and I can attest to that. I’m currently unemployed and looking for work mainly in libraries as a library officer. Starting from the bottom, yo! I actually don’t mind it. Some people have the impression that I’m just settling into whatever job I can find, but honestly I love it. When I completed my 3 week prac, I was over the moon with what library officers to. There was little to no stress and pay was higher than my previous position (if you don’t look at the car and petrol part). I’ve put in some applications to libraries and hoping to hear back from them. I’ve also put in some applications for non-library roles, which are actually higher paying, but I’ll have to see.


Changing careers in your late 20s isn’t the easiest thing. But I figured, if I’m not happy where I am, I should do something to change it. I might not make the most money or be a millionaire by the time I’m 30, but I’ll be happy. And I think that’s the most important variable in this all. Plus, since I won’t be so stressed, I’d have time to pursue hobbies and things I like doing, rather than having sleepless nights thinking about things I need to do at the office or worrying about how my clients or their families might hate me and blame me for what’s happened to their kid. My health cannot take that kind of a lifestyle anymore. I’d rather be happy and do the things I love.