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May 2015 Goals

It’s already past the middle of May & I haven’t even reviewed my goals from last month. The year is almost up again & I feel like I haven’t quite accomplished much again. It’ll be my 1 year anniversary at my current workplace tomorrow & it is a bit of a mixed bag of feelings. Feels good that I managed to stick it out a year but also not so good cause I haven’t been able to leave what was supposed to be a temporary position.

I’ve not quite applied for the many jobs I’ve aimed for, but instead I’ve changed my tact to apply for positions which I would really want and would have a shot of getting an interview & beyond. So far, I’ve applied for the position that I’ve just narrowly missed out on previously & thus begins the really long wait to hear back.

I still haven’t gotten my TV fixed, but have got it on my list of things to do at some point this month as I really want my old TV back.

I’ve managed to keep up with my studies last month, submitting quite a number of assessments & getting a result back today. I managed to get a 24/30 for an assessment, which I’m pretty chuffed about seeing that I did that in about 4 hours. I’ve got one last piece of assessment to submit in a few weeks before I can have a break.

I’ve also managed to get back on the blogging bandwagon after slipping off a bit again for a while due to the stress from assignments. All in all, a pretty good month for April.

Goals for this month:

1. Get a quote to get my TV fixed. I’ll have to do this at some point as I’m a bit over the smaller TV & it looking so odd in my room.

2. Work on my secret project. I’ve written a schedule & rough plan which I want to try to stick to to try to make some progress slowly. I won’t be ready to launch or reveal the project for at least another year or so, but want to have some substance & content ready for when I am ready to finally start it up.

3. Finish up this semester at uni on a high. I’ve got one more big assignment (50%) due in a few weeks & I’m starting to put it together from now. So far I’m not failing the 2 units I’m doing, which is always a good sign.

4. Keep up with the blogging here. I’ve got a few posts planned & I’m quite enjoying the fact that I’ve rediscovered the password feature on my blog. Being able to write about some personal stuff here is quite cathartic & soothing. If you would like the passwords, please e-mail me kristinesays at Gmail dot com. I’m happy to give out passwords, I just want to know who is reading my personal posts 🙂

I suppose 4 goals for the month is enough. My planner is full of other daily to do lists which keeps me sane & my thoughts on to paper rather than stuck in my head. What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments!

April 2015 Goals

I know it’s a bit late to be talking about goals for April but I’ve always been a late bloomer, so this is pretty fitting! I have always been someone who looks to the end result rather than the journey & what better way to measure stuff than by setting myself some goals to achieve. These are my short term goals for the month which are building blocks for my goals in 2015.

1. To put in at least 5 job applications this month.
I’ve submitted 2 last night & am on the lookout for other suitable ones to put in for as I want to hedge my bets & not put in willy nilly. I can’t afford to take too much time off work to attend interviews as I’m a casual & my main boss has no idea I’m looking for work. My immediate colleagues & team have some clue to what’s going on, but I haven’t told them outright as I don’t particularly like jinxing myself.

2. Keep on top of studies.
I’ve fallen off the bandwagon for a bit & have nearly clambered back on to it. I’ve got another 4 pieces of assessment due this semester & I’m going to see it through to its completion, hopefully with a decent enough grade.

3. Fix my TV.
It sort of blew up in January & I’ve been dragging my heels to fix it as I can’t quite afford to fork out a lot of money to get it done. I’m hoping that once I get an estimate & when I get myself a proper job, I should be able to haul the damn thing to the shops to fix. If anyone has any contacts on where to go to fix it on the cheap, please let me know!

4. Get back on the blogging bandwagon.
Another bandwagon I need to get back on as I find it cathartic to be able to write & relax after what can almost always be boring days at work. Writing stuff for me as well as an audience is what I strive & am hoping to get better at it & achieve a balance I am comfortable with.

Since there’s not much left to April, these are my main targets amongst other smaller ones, like pay my bills & the like. So tell me, what are your goals of the month?

Things I’m Loving This Week

It’s hump day & it’s been a rough night for me in terms of sleep. I’ve been waking up & having trouble falling asleep, which happens to me every so often. I’m not exactly sure what causes it but I deal with it. In last night’s episode, I had a bit of an epiphany in terms of this blog. I’ve always struggled with writing posts & more often than not, this blog always falls to the last on my to do list due to other things such as uni & work. I’ve always resented that & last night I came up with a bit of a motivating plan to keep me on track with documenting stuff here. I’ve always been a fan of lists all my life & I figured, why not make small blog posts which are mainly lists? It’s small enough that I can cope with regular posts but also significant so that I can look back at my posts & reflect on it.

I tweeted last night about not being able to concentrate on studying & someone had replied, saying to do small bits at a time which will slowly add up. That made me also have a good, long hard think about life in general. I know, I’ve become philosophical in my old age! But I make no apologies for that as we only live once & I want to grab every second & live it to the fullest!


At the moment, I’m loving the Seacret body lotion in milk & honey. Someone had given this to me for Christmas one year but I hadn’t used it as I had too many body lotions on the go but finally got around to using it. It’s got a smooth texture to it but doesn’t feel sticky & it dries incredibly well. It’s one of the lotions that I would recommend for summer when it’s all humid & sticky, this doesn’t exacerbate that problem but prevents the dry scaly skin I can’t bear to have! I can’t believe I waited so long to use it!

I’m also loving having meaningful work to do while at work, instead of trying to find filler tasks. At the moment, one of the things I’m working on is a giant spreadsheet, trying to organise information logically & preparing it to the point where we can action stuff from this. Whittling down 18000 lines of unknown data to just over 4000 is pretty satisfying. Something about spreadsheets & data always gets me pretty nerdy!

What’s excited you this week? Any epiphanies for hump day?

Revamped Again

This is getting a bit old with the revamping & removing of previous posts, but I had my reasons for removing quite a large chunk of my blog lately. I suppose this should really be called Kristinesays 3.0 haha. In all honesty, this feels like a slate being wiped clean & I don’t quite care at this moment if I’ve got a following on this blog or not. This is my tiny space in the big world wide web & I’m going to claim this space as my own & write as I feel like. Sure, some things will still remain private for my eyes only as I’ve struggled to draw appropriate boundaries on what it is I write or how much of myself I expose online. As I’m studying to become a librarian and information professional, it is really important to me that I have limits to what I put down. All the views published on my blog are my own and do not reflect my employer(s), past, present or future. For now, this will be a place where I document my life as it goes along.


I’ve had a bit of a brain wave & figured that since I like to write lists all the time & cannot live without lists, what better way for my blog to be! A giant collection of lists. It’s a bit weird, but for me it works wonders that my brain is able to process what I’ve got planned for each day & what I have achieved by the end of the day. It took me nearly 3 years at work to discover that I work well with lists, go figure.


For the first official list this time, I figured that since I’m hungry, what better list than the foods I can’t live without. Even though I come from an Asian background, I love me my Western food. I grew up with Asian-fied versions of dishes like spaghetti bolognese (it had bits of carrot & beef mince in it) or pork chops (made with tomato, onion & corn flour to thicken the sauce – was actually pretty good). If there was a Western dish that we watched on TV, it was almost guaranteed that dad made an Asian version of it. As a result, I’ve made up my own spaghetti bolognese recipe (I’ll post it here one day) & altered it to suit my taste buds. Pasta is something that I absolutely love & can eat day in & day out.


2012-10-26 19.51.54


Another food that I couldn’t quite live without is rice. I live up to my Asian roots. I could happily eat fried rice, rice with soup, rice porridge, rice with other dishes, anything with rice pretty much. Such a cliche I am! It’s something satisfying about eating rice that just makes me keep coming back!


To be honest, there really isn’t much else that I couldn’t live without. I say this now, but I’m sure something else might crop up later on 😛


What foods could you not live without?