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It has been quite the weird week this week & I’m glad it is almost over. The Sunday is half gone so far & this is my view for the next few hours:

2015-05-03 13.16.52

I’ve got an assignment due on Friday & I’m not looking forward to it at all. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for me with things to go to, assignments to submit & potential jobs to apply for. I really need something like 35 hours a day to be able to do all the things I need to do.


I’ve got another stye starting to grow on my right lower eyelid, this will be the 2nd one this year & I cannot afford to call in sick for work any more with the whole casual situation. For long term followers, you will know that this was supposed to be a temp job, but has become a rolling contract which isn’t great due to the money situation. I’ve been applying for jobs since around the September mark & it’s really taking a toll as I keep getting rejection after rejection, plus not getting anywhere with it. Really needing to get past the next few weeks before taking time to apply for things more consistently as I need an out from my current situation. You would think having 2 degrees & working on a 3rd one, I’d be able to get something decent paying, but that’s hardly the case at all. I’ll have to compile the stats of jobs I’ve applied for in another post & have a look back to see how it all went.


Just need to keep breathing & keep calm for the next few weeks before I can have a bit of a rest before hitting the job application circuit again. If only I could strike the lotto, I’ll be able to do all the stuff I want to if I had the money. Enough ranting for the day, I just needed to have a bit of a breather before concentrating again. Have a good weekend!