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Why I Don’t Often Eat Fruits

About a week ago I had quite a strong craving for some fruit, namely bananas or mangoes, preferably in smoothie form. I must admit, I am not someone who automatically reaches to the fruit bowl each day for the recommended daily dosage of them natural sugars, but I don’t despise them at all. I actually like fruit, I just don’t have a natural inclination to eat them unless it is in front of me.


I’m not exactly sure why that is, but it might have something to do with not having fruit on a daily basis while growing up. I spent a great proportion of my childhood/teenage years at babysitters’ houses & ate whatever they gave me. More often than not, fruit wasn’t a big thing there. I got the occasional banana, apple and sour oranges. I used to love ice cold turnips dipped in plum powder, that’s the taste of my childhood.


Moving to Australia & seeing everyone eat fruit & it being pushed at every direction has slowly altered my mindset to try to consciously include it in my diet. I used to eat a banana or two a week & no other fruit. I’m actually a walking billboard of what not to do with your diet, I might not look like I’m unhealthy, but I can guarantee you that if a doctor ran me through a barrage of tests, I wouldn’t fare well. I’m actually making a conscious effort to try to eat fruit each day (I managed to find a slice of kiwi & green apple at work today!) and am slowly trying to make small changes to the way I do things.


As long as I don’t have full control of what I eat each day, I am going to add to my diet a bit at a time in way of fruit. It is a bit of a hard habit to break, 28 years of not having fruit regularly is ingrained in me. Baby steps each day.