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Things I’m Loving This Week

It’s hump day & it’s been a rough night for me in terms of sleep. I’ve been waking up & having trouble falling asleep, which happens to me every so often. I’m not exactly sure what causes it but I deal with it. In last night’s episode, I had a bit of an epiphany in terms of this blog. I’ve always struggled with writing posts & more often than not, this blog always falls to the last on my to do list due to other things such as uni & work. I’ve always resented that & last night I came up with a bit of a motivating plan to keep me on track with documenting stuff here. I’ve always been a fan of lists all my life & I figured, why not make small blog posts which are mainly lists? It’s small enough that I can cope with regular posts but also significant so that I can look back at my posts & reflect on it.

I tweeted last night about not being able to concentrate on studying & someone had replied, saying to do small bits at a time which will slowly add up. That made me also have a good, long hard think about life in general. I know, I’ve become philosophical in my old age! But I make no apologies for that as we only live once & I want to grab every second & live it to the fullest!


At the moment, I’m loving the Seacret body lotion in milk & honey. Someone had given this to me for Christmas one year but I hadn’t used it as I had too many body lotions on the go but finally got around to using it. It’s got a smooth texture to it but doesn’t feel sticky & it dries incredibly well. It’s one of the lotions that I would recommend for summer when it’s all humid & sticky, this doesn’t exacerbate that problem but prevents the dry scaly skin I can’t bear to have! I can’t believe I waited so long to use it!

I’m also loving having meaningful work to do while at work, instead of trying to find filler tasks. At the moment, one of the things I’m working on is a giant spreadsheet, trying to organise information logically & preparing it to the point where we can action stuff from this. Whittling down 18000 lines of unknown data to just over 4000 is pretty satisfying. Something about spreadsheets & data always gets me pretty nerdy!

What’s excited you this week? Any epiphanies for hump day?