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Project Vegetarianism Day 4, 5 & 6

I must say, this has been a bit of a slight fail. I was going really well on day 5 of the challenge until I accidentally ate a piece of salami yesterday. It actually took me about an hour to realise what I had done.


I ┬áhad a 4pm appointment with a client of mine who always forgets, and I expected him to forget to turn up again. So, I agreed to come around to drinks after work which started at 4pm. Next thing I know, I got a phone call from reception saying that my client has actually turned up. So I went to tell the person who was organising the food about it, and let them know I’ll be at drinks about 5pm after my appointment. She was dishing up some salami and crackers. I was hungry and grabbed the salami while talking to her and ate the bloody thing. I hadn’t even realised till after when I stared at the cheese plate after my appointment and was contemplating what to eat. Lo and behold, I had consumed meat. Bah.


So, as part of the challenge I now have to start blogging for 7 days straight or else Matt will hijack my Twitter account for 7 days. I initially was planning to stick out the rest of my challenge till Sunday, but writing this post has made me really crave some form of meat again. Call me cruel or ignorant, but I will still continue eating meat like I did before. I guess the thing I will be changing is to actually add more veggies to my diet and possibly go vegetarian once a week just in support of Matt. I think my digestive system will revolt at meat being introduced to it once again after 5 days, but I think that’s a price I’m willing to pay.


So, what other challenges would you like to see me or Matt do? Leave a comment!