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I think there is some unwritten rule in the blogosphere about having an obligatory first post titled “First Post” on ones blog. Who am I to break such rules?


This is pretty much to say, yes, I am back with But this time, its a revamped version of it. It has been about 3-4 years since I’ve blogged properly and consistently, and to be very honest I miss it a lot at times. Blogging had taken a back seat since I started full time work properly nearly 4 years ago (where the heck has time gone??) and life got in the way. So what has been happening since then, you ask?


Well to sum it all up, I spent most of 2009 applying & waiting for my permanent residency, working full time, moving out from my Aunty’s place & adjusting to not studying & having to pull late nights to meet assignment deadlines!  2010 was about adjusting to working full time, studying a Cert IV through work & dealing with some quite challenging registrants. So much so, that I actually applied for other jobs outside my agency but subsequently got knocked back for them. In a way, I was rather relieved as those jobs were short term contracts which had no guarantee of permanency or extensions beyond the contracts. I also applied for an internal vacancy & got knocked back. This one devastated me quite a bit as I was looking for a bit of a change in scenery. Stayed put for a while before things settled again & I didn’t dread work.


2011 brought on quite a change for me. I put myself out there a bit more and started socialising with people a bit more. Basically decided I wasn’t going to sit at home & do nothing most nights. I ended up bonding with the girls at work, going out on social events with the girls and even travelling to Bali with my work mum! Little did I know that on 16th August 2011, I would start following my now boyfriend on Twitter. Someone happened to put a #FF out with his name, I clicked it the magic “Follow” button and the rest is history. Suffice to say, 2011 was a relatively good year. Work was pretty good in my books. I did apply & get knocked back for another 2 internal positions, which I was a bit bummed about but took it within my stride. I did plonk down money for some land & started building my house. Moved from a one bedroom unit to another rental (house this time, thanks goodness!) while waiting for my house to be built. I also applied for & obtained my Australian Citizenship (goodbye Malaysian passport!) in June 2011.


So far, 2012 has had its up and downs. Had a huge learning curve with building a house (some day I will write post about what to do & what not to do) and moving into it. 2 moves in the space of about 8ish months is tiring. Managed to move the first time from the unit to a house in about 16 car trips (yes, I am Asian. I didn’t want to spend money on a moving truck). Finally moved into my place 3 months ago & slowly kitting it out! I must say, I have accumulated a lot of junk in my 8ish years of living in Australia, I keep finding stuff that I chuck out each day! Feels cathartic though, and the cleaner in me isn’t complaining either :). Having a mortgage is tough, but worth it in the long run. Work has been tough at times but so far its been a good place to work for, so I can’t really complain. It’s nearly the end of the year so far but there are lots more adventures to be had!


Stay tuned to more adventures! 🙂