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I’ve done 2 weeks of full time work at my new job & I must say I don’t particularly love it, but I don’t hate it either. I’m a bit meh with it. Checking that physical documents match the scanned version & typing in codes to say that it matches for 7.5 hours a day is enough to make me see stars. I have to type in “DIGP0019” on each document and by the end of each working day, I’m starting to call it digpooig in my head. I have to find amusement in such things, or else I’ll go insane with boredom.


On the bright side, I’m allowed to listen to music or radio while I work, which is nice. I made it through the 1st week without listening to music as I was a bit unsure if that was allowed, but seeing that my colleague was watching anime while he worked, I’m pretty sure listening to radio is fine. Plus, I was outputting something ridiculous like close to 400 documents per day.


I can’t say I see myself in this position past the September deadline, it is way to mundane for my liking. It does pay well for the work I’m doing though, but I really miss the human interaction part of a job. Staring at the screen for almost 8 hours a day with barely a word spoken to colleagues really isn’t me. I know I am shy and don’t talk much, but going mostly the entire day without talking to anyone is starting to do my head in. They’re aiming for about 4 months for us to archive & digitise most of the documents left behind after a 7 year project, which isn’t too bad given that I’ve worked out that they’ve got about 30000 to 40000 documents to complete and aim to do 2000 per week. Those numbers scare me, but I’ve worked out in my 2 weeks there, I’ve done just over 2000 documents, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.


I’ve decided to stick out this 4 month casual contract, I was told that there might be work till December, but really have to play it by ear. Not sure that after 4 months of staring at the same types of documents, I’d be wanting to sign up for another 3 months of it. If any interesting library jobs come up after the initial 4 months, I’m going for it. Being on a casual contract isn’t entirely the best & I definitely do want to get back to a permanent role somewhere. But for now, this will suffice 🙂